Movement for Scavenger Community

Our Initiatives and Projects

We do not have any financial support for our projects either from government or from non-governmental sources. For the past four years,we have been operating with the support of the community and volunteers from within the community. However, as a result, none of the volunteers have been able to dedicate their full time towards the cause of the organisation. In order to be able to have dedicated people working towards the cause, we are now trying to get support and volunteers from outside the community as well. This would help us to expand our work and allow us to open these centres all over India for the educational development of scavenger community. Some highlights of our efforts are giving below.

Dr. B.R. Ambedker Youth Study Centre was start on 29th  January 2012. This is a community based resource centre where we provide free books, newspapers, magazines and a library environment for people of the scavenger community, especially the youth and children. Our aim behind establishing this centre is to expand the educational and learning horizons of the community. Our next objective is to start 50 centres with computer centres in different parts of India within or near hamlets of the scavengers.



Members of the scavenger community are continually facing discrimination and violence by upper caste people and living a miserable life. We therefore wish to engage in advocacy for defending the basic human rights of the community, which are violated constantly in all parts of the country. We are also planning to conduct in-depth research and make research based documentaries on the problems of our community.


We are also running SHGs of women of the scavenger community. Most of the women of the scavenger community  work as sweepers in houses of high income people and hardly earn more than Rs. 1000 per month. Women of the scavenger community are exposed to a great deal of harassment and exploitation at work. To end discrimination and exploitation, and develop their entrepreneurial potential, we plan to engage them in Self Help Groups (SHGs).

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.