Movement for Scavenger Community

Dr. B.R.Ambedker Youth Study Centre

Our Study Centre with a small library

Education is the key for the development of any country and society. Therefore, the Indian government is putting significant efforts to improve children's educational status with the compulsory and free education till the age of 14 years under the Right to Education Act, 2009. However, simply access to education is not sufficient to ensure learning and growth of children. Psychologists assert that the environment of a child plays a crucial role in shaping the child's personality and growth trajectory. Therefore, the pathetic living environment and status of the scavenger community in society significantly affects the life of the children of scavengers. The working conditions of scavengers also has a negative impact upon the educational status of their children. For instance, scavengers do not have time to prepare their children in the morning for school and they are unable to supervise their attendance at school. Therefore, the early school timings which clash with scavengers' work timings are one of the important factors behind the fact that children of scavengers have the highest rate of dropout from schools.

Our centre plays a very important role in improving the status of education among children and youth of the scavenger community, by providing an environment that fosters learning.

  • Free books from our  library

  • Free Computer education  

  • Career counselling

  • Study Tours

  • Motivational lectures by professors and social activists

  • Coaching for competitive exams     

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